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911 OPERATOR is a game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency lines and services. Main task is to answer incoming calls and to react properly ­- give first aid instructions, advise, dispatch correct number of firemen / police / ambulance
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 Bugs/Issues/Odd Things

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PostSubject: Bugs/Issues/Odd Things   Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:33 pm


-If you remove a crew, that has equipment assigned, from a vehicle the equipment is deleted.

-Equipment left unassigned in the Resources section of the Management window gets deleted at start of duty or if returning to main menu. Includes equipment purchased and default (such as weapons given to police at start).

-Units not marked as on scene when right on top of the incident (Not including scene with locked issues) For example: Injury from robbery. Police have suspects in custody but the ambulance shows not on scene even though sitting directly on top of the call. [Sometimes fixed by moving "stuck" unit a block away then returning, not always true though]


-Medics and Fire show Marksmanship and Driving as their skills in the Management window. Medic will show First Aid and Fire shows Tech Skill only when you hover over their icon, making comparing difficult.

-Medic Vehicles don’t show how many spaces for transports are in each vehicle in the Management window, unlike Police which shows 2 or 4.


-A fake/bad call is considered failed if you click Ignore. EX: pocket dial where caller admits it was a pocket dial. You have to finish the call all the way and press Wait to count as a non-fail. (Granted, this is a biased point with me being a 911 dispatcher for 2yrs. I've disconnected MANY callers the second I learned it was bogus.)

-The "Last Radio Transmission" on the Duty Screen (top left by the time as noted in the in-game guide) is non-existent. Might be a planned feature or an old one, either way not critical to gameplay but would be nice to have the option.

-Police requesting "Need backup. Taking fire!" when responding to non-violent call. Ex: Bumped Car call; non-violent, no weapons. Unit requests back-up while calmly writing a ticket.


-Terrorist Attacks; Playing in my hometown and apparently the Terrorists took over Walmart. (I know the location is random but still funny to see. Guess they really want those low prices for their cause Razz )

So far that’s all, but if I see/think of anything else, I will update. Hopefully a Dev sees this?
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Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief

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PostSubject: Re: Bugs/Issues/Odd Things   Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:47 pm

Thank you for the detailed feedback.
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Bugs/Issues/Odd Things
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